Chuck Liddell- Peace Rally Warrior 😊

My friend sent me the article about a former UFC light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell took action to diffuse tensions at a rally in Huntington Beach, California.

He reminded me of Mother Teresa who said

" I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me"

I understand from Abraham Hicks teachings that any time we go against resistance, that itself creates more and bigger energy of the resistance, such as war "against" cancer, war "against "discrimination, war "against" abortions as such.. I see more we go "against" of subjects, it is creating more of the subjects in the world.

I personally do not watch the news on TV and media broadcasting, unless it is a positive article, such as this Chuck Liddell story today. It is for the health of my mental positivity for me not watching this outer world via news and media. They feed negative information and input more so to feed dramas and fears to people who have been already traumatized of fears of death, changes of familiarities, and unknown future during this COVID-19 lockdown since mid-March. We have been taken away the freedom to be socializing and communicating face to face and forced to be limited to human touch. I believe humankind is a social animal by nature.

On the positive side of this lockdown is that I was challenged to face more on what was my old pattern of thinking, how I feel on daily life. It has been a great opportunity in a way for me to be isolated from work, people, and daily routines I was accustomed to and create a brand new routine that is so refreshing and be brand new myself.

I am a meditator for 30 years. I know meditation works everyone to brings ourselves to be so whole that emotions such as fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness, worry, anger, hatred, and insecurity do not enter into the realm of reality. It seems that I had always tended to miss such acts of violence, misfortune incidents, natural disasters that had occurred just in time when it happened. simply I am not there to observe it. I just do not care to see any dramas people define as drama 🤨

I am at peace and happy person despite of all that is going outside of me every day on June 1 2020. I just wanted to remind us all that we all have a choice to how we feel. No one can take your power of being happy and loving. We do not have to rely on outside drama to make you happy or unhappy. It's your choice to pick, whether anything outside the world throwing all negative information at you.

Thank you, Chuck Lidell!! You are my inspiration of the day!!😀😀

Thank all of you who are facing this challenging reality and discovering yourself once again. It is all up to our minds to create a peaceful, joyful, and loving world we live in together. We each have a choice to think positively or negatively every moment of every day. If we can be so aware of our minds now how we are feeling every day then we can see the choice of selecting our emotions more easily. We are NOT a victim of life. We are pure joyful loving nature as humankind.

Let's march Peace and Happiness Rally instead!



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