Escape to Mt Shasta, CA PART 1

Updated: Jul 13

Today I am going to share the story of my retreat experience at Mt Shasta, Ca during COVID 19 lockdown in mid-March 2020. I had my mom's funeral in early March in Japan. My family in Japan suggested that I should get back to the US earlier that I planned since COVID-19 cases were getting bigger by the day in Japan. As soon as I came back to the US, I was informed that where I was living at the time, San Francisco, would go lockdown. That was when I had an inspiration to go to Mt Shasta.

I have a history with Shasta since in the mid-'90s. A friend of mine suggested this area and the mountain has several vortex spots. For those of you who are pretty new to the terminology "vortex", I will explain to you in my best term and understanding that is Vortex is consists of Universal energy as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it. Some people refer to it as a quantum field. When I enter this field, I often notice that there is no time, distance, and directions. Mt. Shasta is known to some as a mystical, sacred mountain.

I had gone inside the mountain in the past deep enough that there was nobody to be seen for days and camped there for a few weeks.

My friend had a connection to a beautiful cabin next to the river stream in Dunsmuir, adjacent to Mt. Shasta. We made a visit for the weekend to check this area. We decided to climb Castle Crags vista view hike the next day. It was a beautiful morning on the day of hiking. So exciting to be back in the region!!

The last 1/4 way of hiking to the top of Castle Crags vista is a great climb. in addition, I was not used to the rapid 2600 altitude gain, noticed I was gagging for more air!

It Is a total of 7.6 miles round trip with great breathtaking vista views. The 3rd picture below is the view overlooks Mt. Shasta I captured from the top of the vista spot looking down a sheer cliff below my feet. It was exhilarating 3 & 1/2 hour trip.

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The next day, we were a little sore from climbing the mountain, so we took an easy trail walk at Siskiyou lake. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, they closed the campground in the park. There was hardly anybody on the trail and the lake was very quiet and serene.

We took a wrong path in the middle of the campground and got lost. So it took us a good 3 & 1/2 hour to get back to the parking area. I had started noticing the powerful spots around this lake. When I do walk meditation on the trail, I felt strong vibration there. It is very mystic and almost feels as if I was in a fairly land. I lost a sense of time, directions, and myself.

It is so mystic and yet powerful vibration.

In my 20's, I have explored vortex spots in Shasta Mountain and Sedona, Arizona. I was navigated to these places out of my curiosity. I hike and meditate on the spots where I feel the strong vibration. I will blog about meditation, type of meditations I have practiced in these vortex places on the next blog.

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We decided to stay for another month as we loved nature offered in this area. We chose not to want to stay in the city as I felt the stress, fears, anger and anxiety in the air. It was my dream to stay in the place as close to nature as possible such as Mt Shasta during this lockdown. My dream manifested. I am in awe of receiving the blessing. Thank you, Universe!! 😀



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